Souffle (now Darcy)

The following is from Lisa C. about her cat, Darcy, who she adopted from Gentle Touch.

Darcy, the Wonder Kitty, from Ohio

I wasn’t looking for a kitten. I was just in the Roseville PetsMart for pet supplies. But I always walk over to the adoption area to see who’s there. I noticed a little tabby kitten named Souffle – there was no information on her card except that she was “sweet’ and “from Ohio.”

Well, I own another female tabby named Fruity – I adopted her 14 years ago in Ohio. I quietly tapped on the glass of Souffle’s pen and she came running over to me like we were long lost friends. When I held her the first time, she nuzzled right into my neck purring and stayed in my lap more than an hour. I was hooked. I went back to PetsMart the next several days to see if she was always so affectionate and calm – and she was. Three days later I adopted her. Now I have 2 female tabby cats from Ohio!

Souffle now goes by the name Darcy. I learned from Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary that many of their cats and kittens are as nice, calm and affectionate because of the great care they get there.

Here is a picture of Darcy her first night in her new home. Nothing phases her – not the ride in the car or her first visit to the vet for a check-up. She watches TV in my lap, a very happy cat. Thanks to GTAS and the great foster care they provide. I’m really glad Darcy found me.


Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
4900 France Ave North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
(763) 537-5599

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