by Scott Kurvers

Memories of Princess……
When Princess came to the shelter she was another one that loved to be around me.When I would leave the front room she would go to the door and wait. If I was just going to the next room, when I came back she would be sitting there waiting for me. If I went home I would get e-mails from Sandee saying she sat there for a long time waiting for me to return.
They brought her to PetSmart one day to get adopted. She just sat in her cage and looked so depressed (from what I was told). I went to visit her one day and she was looking so depressed, but when she saw me she perked right up. I went to Sandee the next day and begged her to bring Princess back to the shelter where I could see her more. She did and Princess was back at GTAS and making great strides to be social.
When Daphne died I was sad for the loss, but I wanted to adopt Princess before someone else did. I was at the shelter one day when a guy was looking at her. I was getting worried, but was very relieved when he looked at another cat. I decided I had to adopt Princess before someone else did.
She’s now mine. The story does not end here. It’s just: To be continued….

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