Dear Friends, 

I had adopted Bailey from you and wanted to let you know that she is a really great dog and nore so a great companion.

She has picked up on potty training, loves to be out doors and snuggling for a movie on the couch. She is also very friendly and loves to play. I mean loves to play! She fit in so well it is like she has been here all her life. She hates when I leave for work but she loves it when I come home. She is obsessed with having .her chest scratched and loves the pooch salon I take her to, She is everything and more to me and I am honored to have this sweet girl with me. 

Thank you for allowing me to adopt her and give her a really great home. She is very well cared for and loved so much. She has come out of her shell and is very trusting. She does not like car rides too much but I am working on that phobia.

Our best wishes to you this holiday Season and again thank you!

Sincerely, Daniel J.


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