by Scott Kurvers
My memories of Queenie were: EASILY the most beautiful cat at the shelter hands-DOWN, but she wasn’t the friendliest. After being there a couple years she finally started “warming” up to me, BUT not to the point where I fully trusted her and would pet her for too long. She was easily the Boss and was the ONLY cat that had the run of the whole building. She was a wonderful cat and would allow you to walk by her and give her a quick little pat, BUT not much else. It was a sad day when she was gone and I’m very glad that I still have her picture and see that plaque at GTAS cuz she was a wonderful and beautiful cat and she will be missed.

by Victoria
My fondest memory of Queenie was entering the laundry room and hearing the linens “purring”. There Queenie would be sleeping, curled up in all the clean laundry. She had free-rein of the shelter, being able to roam freely in areas that no other cat was allowed. She knew she was royalty.


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  1. Sandee
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 21:54:32

    Queenie was most definately one of the prettiest cats we ever had the Sanctuary. Her name really was Emily, but quickly changed to Queenie once she started to rule the roost at Gentle Touch. I remember when my daughter and I took her to an Adoption Event at Petsmart. We put her into one of the cages and eventually had to put a sign on her cage that said “Do not attempt to pet this cat”. Our intentions were to leave her there but we ended up bringing her back with us. She quickly trained all of us at the Sanctuary and soon was just running free all over the place like she owned it. She had a “look” that she would give you when she was displeased and you did not want to get in her way when you saw the “look”.

    I am very happy she was allowed to roam as she pleased as she was taken from us far to early. I will always remember asking “where’s Queenie?”. Sure enough we would find her tucked away in the clean soft laundry just purring and sleeping.

    Thank you Scott for sharing.


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