by Scott Kurvers

Memories of Hal…..
The reason Hal went home with me was because when I started at GTAS I slowly (very slowly) got Hal to trust me. It took a while, but slowly he went from running from me to coming to me only to run when I would hold out my hand to letting me pet him to lettinghim be VERY comfortable with me around him.
From there Sandee said that there was no way he could be adopted as he wouldn’t go near anybody. For some reason though he trusted me. Sandee said he should be mine.
When I took him home he spent awhile under my bed. I never rushed him out. I would lay on the floor by the bed and pet him underneath the bed. Eventually he would come out. He trusted me so much because I never rushed anything with him. It was always on his terms.
I remember the first time he jumped on my lap while I watched TV. That took a while,but he eventually jumped on my lap and lay down and slept while I watched TV.
I also remember the first time he slept on my bed. It started off with him just sleeping on his side of the bed, but eventually he would sleep in my armpit as I watched TV in bed.
I am really going to miss the head butts that I got from him every night as I lay in bed. Towards the end he wouldn’t get on my bed or my lap and would really just sleep on his little cat bed. I really missed the head butts.
When I brought him to the vet to be euthanized he first got a sedative to make his trip to heaven less stressful. When he was on the Doctor’s table I pulled my chair over to tell him I loved him. After a couple moments of not doing it he gave me a head butt. That might have been one of the best moments I ever had with Hal. Even in his moment of agony he (the cat who once wouldn’t go near anybody) gave me a head butt. I honestly believe that was his way of letting me know he knew what was going on and he was OK with it.
Hal was the first pet I ever owned by myself. Of all the cats at the shelter I can’t think of a cat that deserved to go out more like royalty. Hal went out like royalty. He had a rough beginning in life, but he had a great finale. I’ll never forget lying in bed listening to him talk to Daphne & Princess in the next room. There are things you don’t realize are goingto be so meaningful until all you have left are dreams and memories.
I will have other pets. I have other pets now, but Hal can never be duplicated. He was a one-of-a-kind and I was very lucky to have him at my home for the time that I did.


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