Past Boarding Guests

Tanner was an adorable bouncy happy little boy. He loved playing and romping outside. He didn’t do so well left in the kennel run at night so was allowed to stay in the general play area overnight and was a very very good boy not being confined. We hope to see him again soon as he was an extremely sweet and loving boy.

Tippy was a well behaved gentle natured dog. Her stay was too short because she was such a pleasure to have around. We hope to see Tippy sometime in the near future.

Buddy a six year old Rottie mix was just happy to be outside. He loved his beggin’ strips and to be around people. He loved to go for walks and is an extremely sweet lovable boy.

Fiona is a lovely girl. We did have to stop giving her squeaky toys as she would destroy the toys within minutes to get at the little squeaky and she didn’t want the toy any more. She loved to play catch and frisbie outside and would have us throwing toys and the frisbie for a long time–wearing us out! Fiona has stayed with us several times.

Cutty was our first boarder. He absolutely loved playing with one of the dogs Momma from the Sanctuary. They would play for hours chasing each other around. He was an affectionate and very personable boy that settled right into Paws Inn and was a joy to have around. We were kind of sad when it was time for him to go home.

Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
4900 France Ave North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
(763) 537-5599

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