by Scott Kurvers

Memories of Daphne….
I don’t have as many memories of Daphne, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t loved as much. I will say of all the pets I’ve ever owned Daphne may have been the most beautiful. I got Daphne for company for Hal when I was away most days. For all I know they may have been best friends when I was away or asleep, but they never really openly bonded like I hoped. I could count the amount of times I saw them together on the bed on two hands. They never really bonded, but they never really squabbled either.
My best memory of Daphne was: when I took a shower. After my shower was over I would open the curtain and she would be there waiting for me. I know what that meant. She wanted me to (with my wet hair) go sit down, so she could sit above me and lick my hair.
I remember she wasn’t eating and I brought her to the vet where she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. She had it bad and the vet said I could leave her there and come back the next day where she would be euthanized. I said I was bringing her home, but would bring her to another vet (I didn’t like this vet) the next day for the procedure. The next morning as I was waiting (and crying) to be picked up and brought to the vet Daphne decided herself that it was time to go.
She was sitting in the corner. She got up, walked a couple of feet, let out a meow. Believe it not that was the first meow I ever heard from her. She would sound like an engine purring with her own purrs, but that was the only vocals I ever heard from her. She died right there. I didn’t have her for that long. She also would come to me and no one else. I was told she would also be tough to adopt. I thought she was great and very beautiful and I wanted Hal to have company.


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