Thank you so much for bringing Ernie into our lives! Ernie did great the whole way home. He sat on my lap and watched out the window and never made a peep. Just a few kisses.
We got home and had a little bath and we went for a nice little jog and met some neighbors. He’s eating and drinking pretty good this evening and has been taken out lots for potty breaks. He is giving lots of love and has been the most mellow and sweet thing ever. He and our cat have been checking each other out all night but no trouble with them at all!
We’ll see how the first night goes, but I have a feeling he’ll be just fine overnight and if not, it will be fine in no time. He’s getting lots of hugs over here!
Here are a couple pics of Ernie and the kids! Thanks again! Tell Zoe we’ll take good care of her baby!! Amy
Update: Just thought I would let you know he slept in his crate all night long with no barking and no accidents. I woke up and brought him out and he went potty and poop right away and he’s happy as can be. My youngest was very happy to see he was still he when she woke up and he was happy to see her too! I had to take their pic this morning. Thanks again!

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