Our No-Kill, Cage-Free Policy

Our animals are socialized in a cage free (as much as possible) environment where they can interact, not only with people, but other animals as well. This socialization process enables our animals to more readily adapt to different situations. This process also prepares our animals for new owners, making it easier to adjust to their new homes. Before each animal is placed for adoption, they receive a vet exam, vaccinations, spay or neuter, and are treated for any and all known medical issues.
We are also a no-kill animal shelter.  Animals deemed un-adoptable (due to behavior or medical needs) become permanent residents at Gentle Touch.  They are allowed to live out their lives in safety and comfort and have complete access to the Sanctuary. Please check out our “Sponsor a Resident Cat” page to learn about ways you can help care for our resident cats.

What sets us apart from many other animal shelters is that we are cage-free, so the far majority of our animals roam freely around our shelter, as they would in their forever-homes.  We are also a no-kill shelter.  We take in many cats and dogs from high-kill shelters, thus saving these animals’ lives.  Many of these animals we receive are quite ill and we must cover not only the cost of providing them shelter, food, etc. we also then cover their vets costs, which can often times run quite high.

Since we are a no-kill shelter, we also are the home to many cats who “unadoptable” due to their behavior and/or medical needs.  We call these cats our “resident cats”.  Their home is Gentle Touch, where they can roam freely in the facility and receive their shelter, food, and vet care, but also endless love from the staff and volunteers at Gentle Touch who love them unconditionally.  These are cats like Terry, who have lived with us for many years.  Terry came to us a feral cat.  He now receives all of his daily care from Gentle Touch, including costly ongoing vet care.  Two years ago Evangeline arrived at Gentle Touch.  Evangeline was a very tiny black and white kitten, who was also very feral.  She would not allow a human in the same room with her.  Now, two years later, Evangeline roams Gentle Touch freely and will accept head pets from humans.


Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
4900 France Ave North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
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