Meet our Staff and Volunteers!

As the founder of Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the many loyal GTAS volunteers (current and past).  These dedicated individuals have helped me to far exceed expectations I had hope for when I started GTAS as a home-based foster organization in 2001.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have a building where I could house our beloved animals and save hundreds of animals each year.  With very limited funding and resources we have managed to save over 5000 lives from 2003 to 2010.  This to me is amazing and completely unbelievable.  I owe all that Gentle Touch is to our devoted volunteer staff who have given countless hours and financial support to our cause. This helps ensure all of our animals receive the love and medical care they need and deserve.   Many thanks are also to numerous donors that have generously given their financial support to help us through many difficult financial times.  I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary truly a dream come true.

Suzanne has been a volunteer since 2005. One aspect of her volunteering is fostering orphaned or young kittens, although she has a varied list of volunteer jobs. This photo is with three orphans from about 4 years ago. One, who is now Catherine, lives with her and is a great assistant with the other kittens “we” foster.

Susan has been volunteering at Gentle Touch since September of 2009. She stumbled across Gentle Touch’s website when searching for something else.  She debated about volunteering for three months because her life is so hectic.  But she finally did it, and hasn’t regretted it.  It’s the highlight of her week.  Her favorite animal at Gentle Touch changes weekly!  But Rio is a constant favorite, as well as Precious.  I’m currently in love with the kittens Doc and Grumpy (who were part of an eight kitten litter).  Susan has two cats of her own.  Sunny – a Siamese Himalayan – was a stray she adopted.  Motor – a longhaired yellow tabby – she adopted from her next door neighbor.  They are part of her family.

Marj started volunteering at GTAS in 2010. She has always liked working with animals and was looking for a volunteer opportunity. She remembered Sandee and Gentle Touch from her days working at Petsmart in Fridley. Sandee used to bring cats and dogs to the Luv-A-Pet center for adoptions.  She currently is helping out on Tuesday nights and is enjoying every minute she spends at GTAS.  Her current favorite cats include Prince, Josh Blue and Magnolia.

Stephanie been at Gentle Touch since December of 2009. She started volunteering on Fridays, then had to switch to Wednesdays due to her school schedule. That’s when she met Lisa, who she loves working with and hates when she is gone. They work well together. Once school got out for the summer Stephanie started working there everyday and pretty much became ‘the boss’ as Sandee likes to call her. She is Sandee’s “go-to person”. She knows every animal in the shelter, where they go, what medications to give them, everything. Stephanie doesn’t have an absolute favorite cat in the shelter, but her top three are 1. Rio 2. Puncha and 3. The Kittens and Puppies (because when you sit with them they can just make your whole day better).

Liza has been a mainstay at GTAS since 2004. She is able to carve out time from owning her business, Everyday People Clothing, to be here every week. Her many skills help with the daily care of our animals. The animals can depend on her to feed, medicate, bathe, and clean their litter boxes. Her particular feline favorites are Abbott and Spook, and who can forget long-time resident Terry. Liza’s favorite volunteer “duty” is socializing the kittens.  Liza and Sue enjoy working their volunteer hours with each other and work well together.

Linda been volunteering at GTAS since approximately 2002.   Full-time job as a legal assistant at a downtown law firm, Hinshaw & Culbertson.  She currently has 2 cats Frank and Mia, who was adopted from the shelter as his companion.  She works one night at week at the shelter doing whatever is on her ‘list’ which can be anything from giving meds, cleanings cages, doing laundry, syringe feedings to walking dogs.  She also cleans cages and socialize animals at Plymouth PetSmart a couple times a month.  Her favorites tend to change, but she loves Chatty Patty and Terry and his big toes.  It’s so satisfying to care for these animals and to be part of this process to help them find their forever homes.

Megan and Nick have been volunteering at Gentle Touch since December of 2005. They spend a lot of time at the Saint Louis Park Petsmart – cleaning cages, transporting animals, doing photos with Santa, and doing adoption days. Adoption days are a highlight for them. Seeing animals who would have been put down going off to their new, loving homes is pretty much the best feeling ever. They have two cats and four rats of their own.

Victoria’s full-time job is working as a special education teacher at an elementary school, but her passion is animals. She has four cats of her own, but considers all the Gentle Touch cats and dogs her pets. She has been volunteering at Gentle Touch since August 2007. In addition to her cleaning responsibilities at the facility, she also is responsible for Gentle Touch’s blog and Twitter accounts.


Becky has been a volunteer for two years. By day Becky works for a theatrical & stage lighting company. She also has a 12-year-old brown tabby named Gracie.


April is a newcomer, just starting in December 2010. She is a recruiter for an advertising agency and has two black kitties: Spook and Salem.


Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
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