Abbott and Spook

Abbott and Spook are residents you will never forget. Abbott is very friendly when he wants to be. He will jump up on your lap for a minute, or five minutes, whatever he decides. When you sit down he is one of the first residents to come and sit in front of you, waiting for a cuddle. However, you cannot pick him up and thus he remains a resident. Spook is a gorgeous boy with silky black fur and a slim body. He is super friendly and always wants your attention. You can even pick him up, when he decides you’re okay. Abbott and Spook have been inseperable since they first met and are almost always behind the trouble-making. When you see one of them, you know the other is somewhere close by.


Gentle Touch Animal Sanctuary
4900 France Ave North
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
(763) 537-5599

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